Sunday, March 23, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Ibaraki Doji

Ibaraki Doji

Onigiri Online - Functions Ibaraki Doji
If you converse with Ibaraki Doji, you will get the following conversation options.
  • Liquor Store
    Onigiri Online - Liquor StoreThe "Liquor Store" option allows you to purchase and refill all sorts of liquor with varying liquor strengths and effects.

    Just note that the higher the liquor strength, the faster you would get drunk.
    * The higher Ibaraki Doji's "Sommelier" (そむりえ) ability is, the more types of liquor she will offer in her store and the cheaper it will be to buy them.
    ** Just like for "Weapon Crafting", if you ever find items bearing a scroll-like icon Onigiri Online - Scroll Icon, please visit this option to check if its a new liquor recipe for Ibaraki Doji.
    *** The "Buy" option allows you to change the contents of your liquor bottle to a new liquor type, replacing the previous one. The "Refill" option just replenishes your current liquor type's amount/quantity.
  • Change Liquor Bottle
    Onigiri Online - Changing Liquor BottleThis option allows you to change the liquor bottle that your carrying at the moment. Just select the liquor bottle you wish to use and hit the "Close" button to exit.

    (The difference between the bottles is the number of charges that they can hold. Plus maybe some add-on special effects when drinking from the bottle. Can be good or bad...)
    * The higher Ibaraki Doji's "Liquor Bottle Collection" (とっくり収集) ability is, the more types of liquor bottles that you can use. However, you must collect them first of course.
    ** Collection of these liquor bottles also comes in the form of an item bearing the scroll-like icon. (Just visit this option with the item in your inventory to trigger the appropriate response.)
  • Your Behavior?
    Not sure whether I've translated correctly, but apparently, what the option does is that it gives you some specific type of liquor for free. (Note that it will override whatever liquor that you may have held in your liquor bottle.)

    Depending on the liquor bottle that your using and the level of Ibaraki Doji's "Behavior" (おふるまい) ability, the type of liquor given may be different.

    (* Usage of this option is limited to...once a day I think.)