Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Amaterasu


Onigiri Online - Functions Amaterasu
If you converse with Amaterasu, you will likely get only the following conversation option.
  • Succession Name (Titles)
    Onigiri Online - TitlesOtherwise known as your "Titles", this option actually bestows upon you the ability to acquire and put some title on your character.
    From what I can tell, the title serves no other purpose apart from allowing your character to "inherit" its title-specific effects. (And no, I do not think that you can show these titles beside your name or above the top of your character's head.)

    Anyway, the two things you'll need to know here is that, to obtain any title, you will first need to satisfy its "Title Requirements". Next, you will also need to observe the title's number limits.

    For the title requirements, these may span across different areas and multiple aspects. Some requirements may demand that your character have at least X amount of a certain primary or secondary stat, some may ask that you have a total sum of Y skill levels of a specific weapon type and rank, others may need you to hold Z number of monster info card of a particular monster and there are even some with totally hidden requirements that you will need to discover for your own self.

    In JapaneseIn English
    基本ステータスの知力が60以上Have above 60 Intelligence
    最終ステータスの物理防御力が3000以上Have more than 3000 Physical Defense
    弓スキル難度2以上のレベル合計が310以上Total sum of 310 or more skill levels in Bow Weapon Skills of Rank 2 and above
    『提灯お化け』のモンスターカードを15個所持Hold 15 "Lantern Ghost" monster info cards
    サブクエストを25個以上クリアClear 25 or more Sub Quests
    所持金が2500000以上In possession of 2500000 or more gold
    全員とのなかよしレベルが15以上Above 15 Friendship Level for all NPC Partners

    As for the title's number limits, it is actually just a restriction that controls the maximum number of people that may hold the title. Once the maximum limit is reached, then it is no longer possible to acquire that title until someone relinquishes from it (by switching to another one).

    * As far as I know, there is something like a 5 to 6 hour cooldown period before you can change between titles.
    ** The higher Amaterasu's "Flowering" (開花) ability is, the more titles that become open for you to acquire.
As for Amaterasu's remaining two abilities, "Nigimitama" (にぎみたま) and "Sakimitama" (さきみたま), the first one appears to add a bonus to the player's ability while the second one gives a bonus to your NPC Partner's abilities.

NigimitamaLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Bonus Stat Points-+25+30+35+40

SakimitamaNPC PartnerAbility Increase
Level 1--
Level 2YoshitsuneRepair + 1
Lady ShizukaExpert Eye + 1
Level 3Ibaraki DojiSommelier + 1
KaguyaMagatama Decoration + 1
Level 4MomotaroEssence of Training + 1
MirokuAssortment + 1
Level 5SusanooKongo + 1

(Finally, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to シリウス ハント and 強小 for helping me to unlock Amaterasu. Thank you.)