Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ghost Recon Online (Part Five)

Game Modes
Though there may be a variety of different maps in Ghost Recon Online, at present, they can generally be summarized into the following three map types.

  • Conquest
    Ghost Recon Online - Conquest Mode Example
    In this game mode, players are divided into two opposing teams. Their mission is to attempt to capture and hold on to a series of strategic points, A to E.

    Either side can win the game by conquering all the points for his or her team. Or, in the case of a stalemate, win by holding on to a larger number of strategic points.

    However, capturing of a strategic point can only be done via a "Tug of War" style of combat. Your team will need to capture each of the strategic points progressively and cannot attempt to "jump" the points.

    A typical example of a map with this game mode is Markov Station.
    Ghost Recon Online - Markov Station Map LobbyGhost Recon Online - Markov Station Loading Screen
  • Onslaught
    Ghost Recon Online - Onslaught Mode Example
    In this game mode, players are also divided into two opposing teams. However, this time round, one side plays as the "Attacking" team while the other plays as the "Defending" team. The attackers' objective is to capture all the strategic points. The defenders, on the other hand, are to fend off the attackers for a designated amount of time.

    But even though the objectives may look fair and simple, I'll have to warn you that the mechanics and strategy of approach aren't. At least in my opinion, of course.

    In essence, the basic flow of this game mode is that the attackers will need to conquer both points, A and B, before C becomes unlocked and available for capturing. And although the capping system found here is kept the same as that of Conquest Mode, there is a tiny "attacker's advantage" apparently.

    The attackers need only to capture a point, not hold on to it. Why? Because upon capping a point, it will be locked and permanently lost to the defenders.

    Hence, the attackers may choose to do a full force attack, systematically, upon each of the two points A and B. But the defenders, having two points to defend simultaneously, must do an active split into two or even three teams...with the third one being a reactive one that moves between the two points depending on the situation.

    A typical example of a map with this game mode is Shearwater 51.
    Ghost Recon Online - Shearwater 51 Map LobbyGhost Recon Online - Shearwater 51 Loading Screen
  • Holdout
    Ghost Recon Online - Holdout Mode Example
    The last of the three map types, Holdout, is just a simple "King of the Hill" game mode whereby the two opposing teams must duke it out upon a single strategic point. Whomever captures and holds onto the point until the time's up wins the game.

    A typical example of a map with this game mode is Balaklava Sub Pen.
    Ghost Recon Online - Balaklava Sub Pen Map LobbyGhost Recon Online - Balaklava Sub Pen Loading Screen

Capturing A Strategic Point
Ghost Recon Online - Capturing A Point
To capture a strategic point, all you need to do is to run towards the point and enter its "capture" zone. The zone has a grid-like flooring that lights up like as shown in the picture above. It may light up in red (Enemy), cyan (Yours) or white (Neutral) depending upon whom its present owner is.

Upon entering the zone, a capture bar would show up on your screen indicating the progress of capture. The speed at which you capture the point resembles that of PlanetSide 2, but with no numbers limit. The more peeps you have within the capping zone, the faster the rate at which you can capture it.


After having spent some time playing this game, I'ld have to say that my first impression for it compared to my present feelings has gone through some slight changes.

Perhaps it might have been due to the initial freshness? Or maybe its cause I was still in the beginner's matchmaking...

But anyway, I can quite frankly say that the fun factor I had is now gone I guess.

What's left awaiting you after you've graduated is the endless grind, for better weapons, armors, armor inserts, devices and squad supports, and the dreaded torture of being pounded mercilessly by players who've either earned their high-tiered equips or paid for them.

Unless and until some drastic game changing balance is made, I see no need for you to pick up this game.

If realism, tactical, balance and fun is what your looking for, then I guess there's always PlanetSide 2 or the Arma 2 series that you can try out.

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