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Ghost Recon Online (Part Two)

Character Creation
Upon first logging into the game, you will be shown with the following screen.

Ghost Recon Online - Class Selection
And as you can see, there are three kinds of classes for you to choose here, Assault, Specialist and Recon.

However, at this point in time, I would highly encourage you to just pick any one class that you fancy and move on to the next stage of creation. You don't really need to waste your time mulling over what all of those "Primary Weapons", "Devices" and "Squad Supports" mean (I will brief you on them in due time). Nor which one of the class you would be more compatible terms of your playing style.

Reason? Because this is ultimately a shooter-based game. And as such...isn't designed to lock you in on a class permanently. The game actually allows you to create and own an avatar each for all three classes, so that you can switch between them freely.

As a matter of fact, I would recommend that you do so. Have a go at each of the three classes to see which one suits you the best and then focus on it after you've decided. The extra RPs that you get from creating them would also help further whichever class that you've decided upon. (Yup, the RPs earned are linked to your account and not your character class.)
Ghost Recon Online - Character CustomizationGhost Recon Online - Equipment Confirmation
Anyway, once you've moved past the class selection portion, what comes next is merely a simple customization section, where you can only alter your avatar's face and skin color (not that it should matter...since most shooter games don't really have much avatar customization anyway), and then one where you confirm the default equipments that you shall receive. (Note: Regardless of whichever default weapon you choose here, you will still receive both of them. At least that's what I've gotten.)

Now that we've cleared Character Creation, I suppose its time to explain the differences between the classes before we move on.

Ghost Recon Online - AssaultSpecializing in frontal assaults, they are the best choice to take point and mount an attack or break through hardened enemy positions.


Base HP:

Primary Weapon Access:
Assault Rifles - Useful for breaking entrenched positions with controlled bursts, this weapon type is ideal for short-range to medium-range engagements.

Shotguns - Extremely lethal at short-range, this weapon type is perfect for the aggressive close combat players.
BLITZ - Deploys a bulletproof shield to charge and knock down enemies. Great for breaking through heavy gunfire.
HEAT - Emits powerful microwaves towards pointed direction/area. Damages all enemies within area, slows and disrupts their aim.
Squad Supports:
Ghost Recon Online - Assault Support HardenHARDEN - Improves the armor of you and your nearby allies.
Ghost Recon Online - Assault Support RegenREGEN - Increases the out of combat health regen of you and your nearby allies. (Provides a fraction of it whilst in combat and stacks with armor inserts.)

Ghost Recon Online - SpecialistAn advanced class that specializes in electronic warfare, they are armed with devices that either protects their allies from harm or disrupts enemy device usage.


Base HP:

Primary Weapon Access:
Light Machine Guns - Albeit too bulky for CQC, this weapon type is apt at providing sustained fire from a fixed position.

Shotguns - Extremely lethal at short-range, this weapon type is perfect for the aggressive close combat players.
AEGIS - Charges up and deploys a mobile, high-energy plasma shield that offers protection against incoming bullets.
BLACKOUT - Discharges a high energy pulse that is capable of temporarily disabling enemy devices within range. Also disorients the enemy.
Squad Supports:
Ghost Recon Online - Specialist Support Ammo SupplyAMMO SUPPLY - Gradually refills the ammunition of you and your nearby allies.
Ghost Recon Online - Specialist Support Device RechargeDEVICE RECHARGE - Increases the rate at which you and your nearby allies' devices recharge.

Ghost Recon Online - ReconGeared with state of the art stealth and intelligence gathering technologies, this class can outsmart their enemies and/or take them out at extended distances.


Base HP:

Primary Weapon Access:
Sniper Rifles - High damage, pin-point accuracy but long setup times, this weapon type is best suited for long-distance firefights.

Sub-Machine Guns - With high rates of fire and quick response times, this weapon type is the top choice for close quarter battles without sacrificing mobility.
CLOAK - Activates an optical camouflage system that renders its user nearly invisible for a short duration.
ORACLE - Hacks into enemy IFF systems, within scanning range, to reveal their locations to you and your nearby allies.
Squad Supports:
Ghost Recon Online - Recon Support Vector DetectorVECTOR DETECTOR - Reveals the location of sprinting enemies, within range, to you and your nearby allies. (Not sprinting counters this.)
Ghost Recon Online - Recon Support Gunshot DetectorGUNSHOT DETECTOR - Reveals the location of firing enemies, within range, to you and your nearby allies. (Installing silencers on weapons counters this.)
* Although there's supposedly a difference here, it appears to only apply to the Hermes armor variant and not the Titan armor. All classes have access to the same Titan armor sets. (For now perhaps? Subjected to changes since its still in Open Beta.)

Additional Need to Knows (Regarding Devices and Squad Supports)
  • Only One of Each
    Ghost Recon Online - Respawn Loadout
    You may only choose to equip one device and one squad support at any point in time during a round/match. Changing of these within the round/match is only possible during respawn (via "Loadout").
  • Active versus Passive
    Ghost Recon Online - Cloak ActivatedGhost Recon Online - Enemy Gunshots Detected
    A device functions like an "active skill". It requires energy to use and has a cooldown time (appears to depend on how fast the energy recharges) to reuse. (Except for CLOAK and ORACLE, which can be used so long as there's sufficient energy left.)

    A squad support, on the other hand, functions quite like a "passive skill" in MMO terms. It is always active and will work as long as your alive.
  • The Need to Link
    Ghost Recon Online - Links
    Whenever you are close to one of your teammates, a sort of line forms between the two of you called a "link". This link not only ensures that whatever you two see gets relayed to the other, but also allows you to gain mutual benefits from each of your own squad supports as well as the information sent by an activated ORACLE device.

    (Do note that the squad support bonuses, I believe, do not stack. Most probably, only the one with the better benefit will prevail.

    Receiving of these benefits will be indicated by those tiny symbols found beneath your HP bar. Which in my case is HARDEN, GUNSHOT and VECTOR.)
For more information#, please refer:
Ghost Recon Online - Assault Class
Ghost Recon Online - Specialist Class
Ghost Recon Online - Recon Class

# Though it may be outdated, but the general concepts still applies. Especially how the devices work and are used.

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