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GhostX Ultimate (Part Two)

Character Creation

GhostX Ultimate - Character Creation
Since there isn't any character class whatsoever to choose in GhostX Ultimate, there's hardly much material to talk about here in this section. As such, I shall have the pleasure of conveniently skimming through this entire part.

Just know that the options you have here are limited to probably less than a dozen each. But luckily though, apart from the gender and facial features, most of the other options like hair style and clothing aren't permanently locked. You will be able to buy all kinds of hair styles and apparels to customize yourself afterwards...from the regular NPC and cash item shop, that is.

Character Stats
GhostX Ultimate - Character Stats
The above screenshot shows the stats of a typical character in the game. Though it may look just like what you would see in other regular mmorpgs, it does not quite function in the same way.
GhostX Ultimate - Level 1 NanobotGhostX Ultimate - Using Level 1 Nanobot
Simply put, primary stats like Strength, Spirit, Stamina, Agility and Defense, they are not found on your character itself but rather inherited from the nanobot that you equip. From there, most of your secondary stats like HP, GP (acts like "mana" for casting skills), Physical Attack, Spirit Attack and other whatnots will be derived.

However, somewhat separated from these stats are your Physical Defense and Spirit Defense. These two are more or less dependent upon the clothing (otherwise known as your "armor") and accessories that your wearing rather than on the nanobot you've chosen to use.

So what this means is that instead of only having one variable to depend upon (your character level), you now have two. Your character's level AND your nanobot's level.

Your character's level would affect the level of clothing and accessories that you can wear and use while your nanobot's level would affect your primary stats and your secondary stats...or in other words, your fighting ability.
GhostX Ultimate - Taking Damage From CharmbemyGhostX Ultimate - Normal Attack On Charmbemy
As a result, you can get into the funny situation wherein if your wearing high level clothing and accessories, but using a low level nanobot to fight, you will find that monsters significantly below the level of your clothing may find it hard to kill you. But likewise, you will also find it rather hard to deal damage upon these monsters and take them down fast.

For instance, the level 6 Charmbemy could only deal 1 damage upon me since I was wearing level 17 to 18 clothing and accessories. However, I could only hit it for 211 damage instead of the regular 700 to 1k damage (had I been using a nanobot appropriate for my character level).

Anyway, the following is roughly what I could gather with regards to how the stats work. Though it may not be totally accurate, it should still give you a fair idea nonetheless.
  • Strength - Increases your Physical Attack.
  • Spirit - Increases your Spirit Attack.
  • Stamina - Increases your HP.
  • Agility - Increases your Critical Rate.
  • Defense - Increases your Defense Rate.
  • Physical Attack - Increases your normal attack's damage.
  • Physical Defense - Increases your defense against normal attacks.
  • Spirit Attack - Increases your skill attacks' damage.
  • Spirit Defense - Increases your defense against skill attacks.
  • Critical Rate - Increases your chance of scoring a critical hit.
  • Defense Rate - Increases your chance of blocking an attack and being knocked down.

Leveling and Skilling Up
So now that you know about the stats, let us talk about the skilling and leveling up of your character and nanobot.
GhostX Ultimate - EXP Gaining
Basically, both your character and each of your individual nanobots have their own separate EXP bars. Whenever you defeat or kill a monster, some greenish and bluish sparkles will fly out and enter your body. That is the visualization of the EXP gained by you and your currently equipped nanobot. However, you will have to take note of a couple of rules here.
  • Your character will only gain EXP from fighting monsters appropriate to his or her level. (Most probably cannot be more than 5 levels underneath your character's.)
  • Your nanobot will only gain EXP if and when its level is less than your character's level.
When your character OR your nanobot gains one level, upon maxing either of these two EXP bars, your HP and GP will be fully replenished.

Things To Note When Your Character Levels
If its your character who leveled, then apart from upgrading your clothing and accessories, the next most important thing would be your character skill tree (which you can access by pressing "U").
GhostX Ultimate - Sword TrainingGhostX Ultimate - Dual Soma Overdrive
For every two character levels gained, you will be awarded with one skill point. You may then use these skill points to learn and improve any of the passive skills found in the skill tree. Just remember that you will need to satisfy its requirements first before you may learn them of course.
GhostX Ultimate - Character Skill Tree
And going straight to the point, the entire character skill tree can essentially be broken down into the five following categories.
  • General (Shaded In Yellow)
    Passives that affects all nanobots (regardless of type).
  • Sword (Shaded In Red)
    Passives that affects Sword-type nanobots only.
  • Blade (Shaded In Blue)
    Passives that affects Blade-type nanobots only.
  • Fist (Shaded In Cyan)
    Passives that affects Fist-type nanobots only.
  • Dual Wield (Shaded In Green)
    Passives that affects Dual Wield-type nanobots only.
Do note that as far as these skill points are concerned, you might only have enough to max at most one particular type, Sword, Blade, Fist or Dual Wield, plus maybe pick up some useful passives in the "General" category and that's all. Therefore, please try to pick the type of nanobot that your most comfortable with or use very often, lest you come to regret it.

(I'm guessing you would have at best 30 skill points since the level cap seems to be at Level 60 atm.)

Things To Note When Your Nanobot Levels
If your nanobot's the one who leveled, then apart from the typical increase in stats brought about by the leveling up, you will need to take particular note of when the nanobot would evolve.
GhostX Ultimate - Nanobot EvolvingGhostX Ultimate - Nanobot Evolving Scene
Usually, once its about to evolve, you will see a green glowing circle surrounding its portrait. All you need to do then is to click on the portrait to start its evolution scene. And upon completing the scene, your nanobot would have finished its transformation. Its as simple as that...

With regards to the evolution, the average nanobot will evolve about once every 5 or so levels. However, when exactly does it evolve and how many times it does throughout its entire life...all of it would have to depend upon the specific nanobot we're talking about.

Tiger Shark (Lv. 1) -> Black Shark (Lv. 5) -> Beowulf (Lv. 10) -> Bone Dragon (Lv. 15)
Proto (Lv. 5) -> Magnum (Lv. 12)
Musashi (Lv. 4) -> Musashi Prime (Lv. 16)

For example, the Tiger Shark evolves at least three times while Proto and Musashi only appears to have one evolution throughout its entire life. Furthermore, when comparing the two, Proto and Musashi, you will further find that there is a difference between when they would evolve. The Proto evolves into a Magnum at Level 12 (7 levels difference) while a Musashi would only evolve into a Musashi Prime at Level 16 (12 levels difference).

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