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Need For Speed World (Part Two)


Need For Speed World - World Map
If you bring up the "World Map" (press M) upon entering the game, you can see that there are various sorts of icons lying about the entire in-game world. All of these represents the different kinds of stuff that you can do within the game.

The green area with a diamond-shaped icon (at its center) is a daily treasure hunting activity that you can partake in once a day to earn some interesting rewards while the rest of the other smaller icons would reflect each of the different "hotspots" available for you to race in. (Except for the green camera icon which is actually just a place for you to show off your vehicle to other players or host a car show/photoshoot session).

Daily Treasure Hunt
Need For Speed World - Treasure Hunt GemsNeed For Speed World - Treasure Hunt Reward
For the daily treasure hunt, it actually involves having the player drive around the free roam world to find and collect green floating gems much like the one shown in the screenshot above. Once you've found all of them, you will be rewarded with some random prize of some sort.

(Do note that these gems would only spawn within the limits of the designated area so you shouldn't bother going outside of the green circular area as shown on the world map.)

Race Modes
There are a total of five different types of race modes which you can participate in Need For Speed World, Drag Race, Circuit, Pursuit Outrun, Sprint and Team Escape.
  • Drag Race Need For Speed World - Drag Race Icon
    Drag Race is a multiplayer only race mode that pits the players against one another in a short distance dash along a somewhat "straight" course with a fixed starting and finishing point. This sort of race is usually done to see who's car is better at accelerating from a standstill.
    Need For Speed World - Drag Race TransmissionNeed For Speed World - Drag Race
    Two things to remember here is that in this type of race, you can first of all, change the transmission of your car (Manual or Automatic) at the start of the race during the period when your within the queue/waiting zone. Secondly, you cannot use any form of powerups within the drag race. It is a pure test of your skills at shifting gears as well as the performance of your car.
  • Circuit Need For Speed World - Circuit Icon
    Need For Speed World - Circuit
    In this race mode, players are made to run laps around an enclosed course. The player that manages to complete the designated number of rounds first will win the race.
  • Pursuit Outrun Need For Speed World - Pursuit Outrun Icon
    Now this race mode is a bit tricky in my opinion and may perhaps be the toughest one to complete in NFSW, even though you aren't competing with anyone (single player only).

    The goal of this race mode is to "outrun" and successfully evade from the police cars that will soon be chasing after you.
    Need For Speed World - Pursuit OutrunNeed For Speed World - Heat Level 3
    Initially, you will start the run at "Heat Level 1" with a "clean" record for your car (for first timers or those who had been previously busted and fined). If you had successfully evaded the police in a previous "Pursuit Outrun", then you will start the new run with your previous "Heat Level" (I think the heat level is "attached" to the car and not the player).

    Anyway, it shouldn't take too long before a police car is onto you and would then cause you to break all kinds of traffic rules, crash into other cars, cause damage to properties and other whatnots while trying to lose them.

    And as this continues, you will gradually but surely rack up the "Cost to State" (how much money your causing the state to lose)...which eventually forces them to turn up the heat on you. In other words, getting more patrol cars, like police cruisers and rhinos, to chase after you as well as setting up more roadblocks and spike strips to stop your rampage.

    (So the crux of this race mode, I think, is to end the car chase as soon as you can before the Heat Level becomes too high and unmanageable.)

    Need For Speed World - Pursuit MeterNeed For Speed World - Cooldown
    To successfully evade from the police cars chasing after you, you will first need to try and increase the length of the "blue bar" in the "Pursuit Meter" (bottom center of screenshot). This can most probably be done by turning into alleys/backstreets, desolated underpasses or other nooks and crannies to make sure that the police cars loses sight of you.

    Upon maxing this blue bar towards the left of the "Pursuit Meter", you will thereby enter the second and final state called the "Cooldown" period. Once you've finished this "Cooldown" period, you would have then successfully evaded the police and ended the chase. However, if you let even a single police car spot you before your cooldown finishes, the whole car chasing sequence would kick up once again and you will need to find another hiding spot.

    (Note: During the "Cooldown" period, you should start to see snowflake icons in your radar down at the bottom right. These represent locations within your vicinity that you may hide your car in to speed up your cooldown process.)
    Need For Speed World - Busted
    Conversely, if you let enough police cars swarm you and slow you down for too long or even stop you, then the "Pursuit Meter" would instead increase towards the right (in red). And maxing it would result in you being apprehended/busted and fined. (You would lose some money, but it isn't too much in my opinion. Only close to 1,000 in fine in contrast to the 87,750 that is lost by the state.)
  • Sprint Need For Speed World - Sprint Icon
    Need For Speed World - Sprint
    Sprint is a race mode in which players are required to run a course with a set starting and finishing point. All the player needs to do is to complete the full length of the course ahead of the rest of the other drivers to win. Distance from start to finish is shown as a percentage (0% -> 100%).
  • Team Escape Need For Speed World - Team Escape Icon
    Team Escape is a multiplayer only co-operative race mode where the goal is for all of the drivers to avoid being arrested whilst running along a course with a set starting and finishing point much like Sprint, but with the police force chasing after you and your team-mates.
    Need For Speed World - Team EscapeNeed For Speed World - Team Escape Busted
    And although the goal may be clear, it is important to note that you will be given a limited amount of time (refer to "Time Remaining" in screenshot) and a limited number of lives (refer to "Strikes" in screenshot) to complete the full length of the course (refer to "Distance to Escape" in screenshot).

    If you get swarmed by police cars and got surrounded or stopped, the meter on the bottom center of your HUD will start to increase...during which you must try to break away from the cops or risk getting arrested (upon maxing this bar). But unlike "Pursuit Outrun", being arrested here does not end the race for you if there are still "Strikes" left in the common pool. (Yup, the lives are shared amongst all in the team.)

    Instead, one strike will be consumed and then after waiting for a while, you will be re-spawned beside one of your team-mates (usually the one closest to you) to continue with your escape.
    Need For Speed World - Team Escape Results
    Finally, results and rewards are dependent on how many of you escaped and NOT who escaped first. You will all get the same thing (cash, reputation, etc), so it is important that you pace yourselves and try to finish the escape together. This is because if any one of you crosses the finish line way before the others are close enough, there won't be sufficient time for them to escape as all remaining strikes will be removed and the time left to escape reduced to a mere 30 seconds.

    (Tip: If you find yourself lagging too much behind the others, it may sometimes be a good idea to get yourself arrested and respawned, to close up the gap. If there are enough "Strikes" remaining.)

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