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Path of Exile (Part Two)

Character Creation

Path of Exile - Character CreationPath of Exile - Leagues
For this part of the game, there isn't much to talk about. Essentially, all you have to do is to choose what sort of character you wish to play as and which "league" your character would reside in and that's about it. However, I do wish to babble a little further on this subject (as there's not much information provided within the game), so please bear with me for a while.

There are a total of six different classes for you to choose in Path of Exile. And even though there is an insane amount of flexibility and freedom offered to you by the game system (like how your selection of armors, weapons and skills aren't restricted by your class choice), there are still some built-in mechanics that make the individual classes somewhat distinct, and with each attuned towards certain stats, equipment and skill sets (or so it is generally spoken of or rumored to be the case).

Path of Exile - MarauderPath of Exile - RangerPath of Exile - Witch
- Pure Strength class
- Typically uses strength-based items like Maces, Casques, Plate Mail, Gauntlets, Greaves and Tower Shields.
- Pure Dexterity class
- Typically uses dexterity-based items like Bows, Caps/Hoods, Leather/Garbs/Tunics, Hide Gloves, Hide Boots and Bucklers.
- Pure Intelligence class
- Typically uses intelligence-based items like Wands, Circlets, Robes, Fabric Gloves, Slippers/Boots and Spirit Shields.

Path of Exile - DuelistPath of Exile - ShadowPath of Exile - Templar
- Strength/Dexterity hybrid
- Typically uses strength and/or dexterity-based items like Swords, Axes, Helmets, Scale/Brigandine/Doublet/Lamellar, Scale Gauntlets, Scale Boots and Round Shields.
- Dexterity/Intelligence hybrid
- Typically uses dexterity and/or intelligence-based items like Daggers, Claws, Masks, Jackets/Coats/Raiments/Garbs, Mitts, Boots and Spiked Shields.
- Strength/Intelligence hybrid
- Typically uses strength and/or intelligence-based items like Staves, Coifs, Chainmail/Ringmail, Metal Gloves, Metal Boots and Kite Shields.

However, that does not have to be the strict case for one to follow. Even though it might be more efficient to have the player invest in stats that are more appropriate to their character class, one still has the freedom to do as he or she pleases.

For example, due to my peculiar playing style, I tend to like being able to use any and all items that I come test and try out various combinations that I may fancy or find useful. And so, what I did was to make my character's strength, dexterity and intelligence as evenly distributed as possible (a case you were wondering).

Thus, when I found myself unable to survive too many hits, I had the choice/opportunity to try out all sorts of armors (more defense or evade) to salvage the situation. I even went on to use a Discipline skill gem (gain X additional Energy Shield) to further boost my survivability...since some of my passive skill points were spent upon enhancing my energy shield.

When I found that my minions were dying too fast, unable to sustain themselves and there were times I couldn't find corpses lying around, I ended up using a Rejuvenation Totem skill gem to somewhat cover up that weakness.

Then there were also times when I find myself running out of mana fast (due to spamming of firestorm and/or fire traps). And so I just patched that hole up with a Clarity aura.

Well...though it may not have been the best of builds for a "Witch" class, but it was certainly fun being able to improvise and try out all sorts of weird, silly combinations or merely adapting one's character to whatever we happen to have picked up, just because we can. would be a "sin" not to utilize all of that freedom we have bestowed upon us by the game system.

As far as I know, leagues are sort of like individual, enclosed game worlds that are separate from each other and have their own set of rules, inhabitants as well as economy (of items).

However, there exists certain exceptions which makes it possible to bring characters and items from one league to another, so as to preserve character progress, but it is a one way trip and only for certain league types.
  • Standard League - The default league with no modifiers applied and no strings attached.
  • Hardcore League - In this league, characters only have "one" life. Upon dying, the character will be automatically shifted into the Standard League, permanently.
  • Challenge Leagues - These are four-month long, limited time only leagues with new sorts of modifiers and some rare new items that can only be found in those leagues (if your fortunate enough to loot them).
    Path of Exile - Challenge 1Path of Exile - Challenge 2
    In these challenge leagues, players are also tasked with completing various sorts of difficult challenges where upon clearing all of the challenges, the player will win some sort of prize, like for example an exclusive t-shirt.

    Anarchy League - Characters made in this league will have a random chance of encountering AI rogue exiles whilst exploring in this game world. These rogue exiles may be of any of the six classes and can use a range of player skills and combos. Upon the end of the league, the character will be automatically shifted into the Standard League, permanently.

    Onslaught League - Characters made in this league are on "Hardcore" mode (only have "one" life). And on top of that, all monsters found in this game world have a 20% increase in movement, attack and cast speed. Upon dying, the character will be automatically shifted into the Standard League, permanently. If you survive till the end of the league, your character will be moved into the Hardcore League instead.

Anyway, regardless of whichever league type that you choose, know that all characters made in a particular league may only see and interact with other characters in the same league. Additionally, characters made in that league, under the same account, would have access to the same storage and therefore you can easily transfer items in between characters that you play that is within the same league.

However, do note that this transference of items will not be possible between characters of different leagues as they would not be accessing the same storage...which is how the game is keeping the economy of items between leagues separate (except for the one way flow into the Standard League).

Path of Exile - Events
Events are kind of like non-permanent leagues that only lasts for a specific amount of time and are created with special rules put in place.
Path of Exile - Event Info 1Path of Exile - Event Info 2
In these events, players need to create a brand new character and start from scratch to try and progress as far as possible within that "world" until either someone completes the criteria of the event or time runs out.

Basically, the purpose of these events is to put a player's skill and mastery of the game to the test...against other players in a competitive and demanding environment. You can sorta think of it as an alternative avenue of "PVP" gameplay.
Path of Exile - Event Rewards
The rewards of participating in these events come in the form of reward points (which are season-based and do not get carried forward). Upon racking up sufficient reward points (via participating in the events for that season), the player will be awarded with various kinds of prizes like as shown above.

* Note that the game world for these events will adhere to the same set of rules just like the leagues...which means that they will have their own separate stash and economy as well. At the end of the event, characters and all their items will be moved to the parent league (possibly standard or hardcore depending on the event rules).

For more info on the various types of modifiers, please visit Path of Exile - Event/League Modifiers.

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