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Scarlet Blade (Part Six)

Actually, there is not much to talk about regarding the equipments found in Scarlet Blade. There is simply a lack of variety to it so as to speak...

Scarlet Blade - ArmorsScarlet Blade - Weapons
Apparently, apart from the accessories (like earrings, rings and necklaces), each of the individual job classes seem to have their own distinct set of equipment in which they could use and nothing else. For example, the Defender class would only be allowed to use equipments with the tag "D", while the Shadow Walker class may only equip weapons and armors tagged "Sw".

However, despite the rigid restrictions, there are still tiny differences like grades and modifiers to make each of the "same" equipment you find somewhat less identical.
  • Grades
    Scarlet Blade - Magic and RareScarlet Blade - Unique
    Items found in Scarlet Blade are essentially categorized into these four grades of rarity, General (Gen), Magic, Rare and Unique. You can easily identify them via their colors and tags found at the corner of their item icons or item descriptions. And needlessly to say, the rarer the item, the harder it is to come across it. However, it would also have correspondingly better stats on it of course.
    Scarlet Blade - Certification Tech
    One extra thing I might have to mention is that, over the course of your gameplay experience, you may sometimes find equipments that are unidentified...though it would mostly be for items of "Rare" grade and above and usually found while exploring in instance dungeons.

    What you need to do with these unidentified equipments is to purchase something called a "Laser Scanner" (from vending machines, NPCs selling consumable items or from in-game auction) and then approach one of these "Certification Techs" to get them identified. And remember, its "Rare Laser Scanner" for unidentified rares and "Unique Laser Scanner" for unidentified uniques.
  • Modifiers
    Scarlet Blade - Gammasbane SuitsScarlet Blade - Gammasbane-CH Suit
    These do nothing more than to give minor stat variances to an otherwise similar set of items. For example, a "regular" rare Gammasbane Suit would have something like +23 DEF and +317 Max HP. A rare Gammasbane-CH Suit would have +23 DEF, +317 Max HP and +55 Ch-EVA, while a rare Gammasbane-CP Suit would give +23 DEF, +317 Max HP and +14 Max CP instead.

What You Can Do With It
Scarlet Blade - Sealed Explorer Trinket
There are basically a couple of minor tweaks that you can perform to an equipment. First of all, you can approach a "Sealing" NPC to seal any particular piece of equipment that you have.

Upon sealing it, you will not be able to trade, sell or do anything that would otherwise result in that item disappearing from your character's hands. However, in exchange, that particular piece of equipment will gain an item-specific bonus attached upon it, called the "Sealing Bonus" (though not all seal-able items will have them).

Sealing Bonus
- Earrings: +ACC- Trinkets: +SP- Necklaces: +CP
- Rings: +Crit-ATK- Armors: +HP- Weapons: +Min & Max ATK

But if you have your reserves about sealing something, then my answer to that is that you do not have to worry about it and feel free to seal an equipment piece as and when you like it as this act of sealing is not permanent.

If at any time you wish to dispose of some sealed items, all you need to do is take it back to the "Sealing" NPC and unseal them. would have to wait for 24 hours before the unsealing takes effect. Well, just think of it as some kind of preventive measure to protect your important items from coming into harm due to accidents I guess...
Scarlet Blade - RandomizationScarlet Blade - Deltabane Guillotine
Next, one can also perform something called "Randomization" to a piece of equipment. As far as I know, what this process does is to add an "additional" random stat to one of the two stat slots available on the piece of equipment undergoing the randomization. However, do note that not all equipments can perform this feat so you may need to check its item description beforehand (refer Deltabane Guillotine - "Can be Randomized").
Scarlet Blade - Red Hexweave 1Scarlet Blade - Gammaswift Stiletto
Once you've verified that the item can be randomized, you would then need to acquire certain material agents called "Hexweaves". If the item your randomizing is a weapon, glove or bangle, you would require the use of Red Hexweaves (1, 2 and 3). If it is an armor piece (Suit, Knee Guards, Helmet or Shoes), then you would need Green Hexweaves (1, 2 and 3) instead...despite what the hexweaves' item descriptions may seem to otherwise indicate.

After collecting the appropriate hexweaves, just head to any "Random Stat Tech" NPC, put the item and hexweaves in their proper places, select which random stat slot to randomize (1 or 2) and hit the "Apply" button to get the job done. The end result should look something like the Gammaswift Stiletto that you see above.
Then we have something called "Grafting" in Scarlet Blade too...but this process is kind of more like an aesthetic feature rather than anything useful. Essentially, what this does is to transfer the stats of some equipment onto the skin texture of another. It is as simple as that. (Visit the "Cosmetologist/Grafting" NPC to do this.)

Scarlet Blade - Grafting Interface 1Scarlet Blade - Grafting Interface 2Use Item - Item with the desired stats to be placed here.

Vanity Item - Item with the desired appearance to be placed here.

Tool/Agent* - Grafting Tool to be placed here.
* You may only use a "Rare Grafting Tool" if both items involved in the process are of "Rare" grade and below. Else you would need to use a "Unique Grafting Tool".

However, from what I can tell, you would require a couple of things to perform the actual transfer and it would only work upon items of the same category and type like weapon to weapon and armor part to armor part (this process is limited to shoes, suits, gloves and weapons because they are the only equipment pieces that affects your character's appearance). Oh and no crossing of job classes' items too, I think.
Scarlet Blade - Enhancement
Finally, there's upgrading/enhancement. This process can be done at any "Enhancement Technician" and would only require two main items actually, the "Item to be Enhanced" and the "Enhancement Tool". The rest of the slots are mostly for "adds" that protect the item your enhancing (from being downgraded) or increase the chance of successfully upgrading. As for the "Empty Slot", its purpose is yet unknown so you should probably just disregard it for now...
  • Item to be Enhanced
    The item to be enhanced is placed at the central slot of the whole enhancement menu. Typically, only items of magic grade or better and of level 10+ may undergo this enhancement process (cross check an item's description to be sure - "Enhancement Possible").
    Scarlet Blade - Gammasbane-SP Boots
    Upon successfully upgrading, the item will get a +X tagged to its name (X can be of any value from 1 to 10). And please note that any items enhanced to +6 and above will have a chance of downgrading during enhancement failures.
  • Enhancement Tool
    The following screenshots show two typical "Enhancement Tools".
    Scarlet Blade - Crimson Stardust SliverScarlet Blade - Emerald Stardust Gem
    The "Crimson" one is used for enhancing Weapons and Bikes, while the "Emerald" one is for enhancing Armors. However, if you looked closer, you should ought to notice another slight difference between the two of them. Yup, one is a "Sliver" while the other is a "Gem".

    Well...what this difference affects is actually more of a situation thingy rather than function. Though both of these are used in enhancing an item (function), the stage in which they are to be used in is different (situation).

    Item TypeTool TypeTool GradeEnhancement Stage
  • Stardust
    For the stardust slot, you actually place an item called a "Safeguard Stardust" in it. The purpose of this safeguard stardust is to protect your item from being downgraded when the enhancement attempt fails.
    Scarlet Blade - Safeguard Stardust 6
    However, there are 4 kinds of this safeguard stardust (labelled 6, 7, 8 & 9). A "Safeguard Stardust 6" is to be used when your trying to upgrade a +6 item to +7. A "Safeguard Stardust 7" is to be used when your trying to upgrade a +7 item to +8 and so on and so forth.
  • Relic
    The "Relic" slots are meant for you to put in "Narak Relics". These "Narak Relics" increases your enhancement's success rate by X%. And since there are only four of these slots, this would mean that you can only raise your chances of success in upgrading by a maximum of 4 * X% at best.
  • Base Success Rates
    The following table shows the base, unmodified success rates when upgrading.

    Enhancement Stage0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9
    Success Rate80%75%70%65%30%20%15%5%3%1%
Well, that's about all of the more important features that you would need to know regarding the tweaking of equipments. For more information, you might consider reading this guide over here in the Scarlet Blade Forums.

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