Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Secret World: Beta Weekend #4

The Secret World - Beta Weekend 4
This morning when I woke up and checked my mailbox, I realized that Funcom had sent me two access keys for the upcoming fourth and final beta weekend for "The Secret World".
The Secret World - Account RegisterThe Secret World - Account Creation
Hoping to report on this and give readers a sneak preview, I immediately went to register for an account using one of the access keys.
The Secret World - Patching Beta Weekend Client
Next I proceeded to download the beta weekend client. And man did it give me a shock of my life...

I was expecting that the client wouldn't be too large since this was just a beta weekend experience, but upon patching, I realized that I needed to patch up to 12.6 GB of data. Since I'm running on a 1 MB line, this patch will take like 40+ hours to finish.

Hopefully I can finish it in time for the beta weekend which starts on the 22nd June 2012, Friday, 4 pm (GMT) and ends on the 25th June 2012, Monday, 7 am (GMT).

And oh...before I forget, that wasn't the purpose of this post. The actual purpose was to give out the "2nd" access key that Funcom gave me (wouldn't wanna waste it right?).

Just be the FIRST to leave a comment (stating that you want it) below with a method for me to pass the access key to you, like an email or something.