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Magic Campus (Part Four)

Raw Materials
There are in general five categories of raw materials in Magic Campus. In each of these five categories, there exists two kinds of raw materials. These materials are mainly needed in forging, upgrading and modifying equipments.

  • Metals - Metal , Rare Metal
  • Timber - Timber Material , High Quality Wood
  • Jade - Jade , Crystal
  • Fabric - Cloth , Brocade
  • Leather Goods - Fur , Leather
These raw materials can sometimes be picked up as loot while your hunting monsters, however they are most easily obtained from "resource spots" found lying around the monster maps. For example, animal fur and mineral ore could be found in the map "Dora Snowland" and from these you can obtain the raw materials, fur and metal.
Magic Campus - Collection GlovesMagic Campus - Resource Collection
But in order to harvest these resources, you will need to wear a pair of collection gloves and the bad news is that even the newbie's pair requires a minimum level of 20. After you wear the collection gloves, just click on the resource spot to start the harvesting.

A resource collection window will pop out showing you some information like the material that can be harvested from this resource spot and the amount remaining. Additionally, you will also see a blue bar that is gradually filling up, a box where you can place mp restoring potions with a sliding bar beside it and another box showing the pair of collection gloves your using.

Every time the blue bar fills up, you will either successfully gain some raw materials or you will not (failing attempt). The type of gloves your using will determine how fast the bar fills up and the success rate of gaining raw materials. And regardless of the outcome of the attempt, the durability of the collection gloves will drop by 0.1 and 30 mp will be consumed.
Magic Campus - Mall Shop Raw MaterialsMagic Campus - Material Synthesis
For each kind of raw material found in Magic Campus, there exists a further six grades of quality, namely "Grade One" to "Grade Six", with "Grade Six" being the rarest. You can obtain the better quality raw materials via harvesting from the resource spots (occasionally), synthesize it from materials of poorer grades or purchase it from the mall shop using gold or magic coins.

The process of synthesis requires a minimum of two raw materials (same grade & type), but up to a maximum of five can be used. For example, to synthesize a "Grade Two" metal, you can use 2 to 5 "Grade One" metals as ingredients.

When synthesizing, the number of raw materials you use will determine the success rate of the synthesis. For synthesis that involves ingredients below "Grade Five", the highest success rate obtainable is 100%. For synthesis that involves "Grade Five" ingredients, the highest success rate obtainable is 30%.

Similar to raw materials, there are five types of gemstones and each of these gemstones, when embedded onto equipments, will raise a particular attribute of the person using it.
  • Force Stone - A gemstone that raises strength.
  • Wisdom Stone - A gemstone that raises wisdom.
  • Life Stone - A gemstone that raises physique.
  • Mysterious Stone - A gemstone that raises spirit.
  • Nimble Stone - A gemstone that raises agility.
Likewise, these gemstones also have different qualities to them, like cracked, slightly cracked and flawless. The better the quality of the gemstone, the more of a particular attribute it can raise.
Magic Campus - Upgrading Gemstone
If you happen to have a lot of low quality gemstones, you can choose to merge them into a better quality one via the "Upgrade Gemstone" tab. Once again, the merging requires a minimum of two gemstones (same quality & type), but up to a maximum of five can be used. And as you would have guessed already, the number of gemstones used in the merging will determine the rate of success.

The equipment system of Magic Campus is also pretty complex, much like its pet system. Just counting the equipment you use at low levels and you will arrive at a whooping number of twelve pieces. And the "best" (being ironic here) part is that every single piece of these equipment are made upgradable and of vastly different qualities (almost to the point of being "unique").
Magic Campus - Exquisite Double Barrel GunMagic Campus - Excellent Double Barrel GunMagic Campus - Excellent Double Barrel Gun 1
The screenshots above shows three similar weapons. Although all of them are double barrel guns, they have different stats and properties altogether. To understand the reasons behind it, we will need to learn the factors that affect an equipment.
  • Quality Level
    Every piece of equipment out there in the world of Magic Campus can be classified into five general quality levels, normal (white), good (green), excellent (blue), epic (purple) and legendary (orange). And without a doubt, a legendary equipment would have the best stats of them all.
  • Prefix
    Equipments can also have a prefix attached in front of its name. These prefixes serves to further segregate equipments of the same quality level. Due to discrepancies in the names of the prefixes shown on the game's website and that which is found in the game, I cannot confirm the actual prefixes' names and their order, but here's a rough idea anyway.
    Ordinary, Reinforced, Exquisite, Perfect, Excellent
    (Poorest Grade ------------------------> Best Grade)
    Taking the good double barrel guns as examples, you can see that the gun with the better prefix has better stats.
  • Elemental Attribute
    Equipments can have an elemental attribute embedded in them. The effect of this elemental attribute is two-fold. First of all, it changes the elemental attribute of the character using the equipment. Secondly, it plays a crucial part in the activation of the soul link system.

    As the player gathers and uses more equipment of a particular elemental attribute, the character's disposition towards that element will increase. Although not stated specifically, I suspect that this will have an effect on how much of an advantage or disadvantage the character will have towards elemental attacks.

    Neutral - Is at a disadvantage against all the other elemental attributes.
    Water - Has advantage over Fire, but is at a disadvantage against Earth.
    Fire - Has advantage over Wind, but is at a disadvantage against Water.
    Earth - Has advantage over Water, but is at a disadvantage against Wind.
    Wind - Has advantage over Earth, but is at a disadvantage against Fire.
    Darkness - Has advantage over Water, Fire, Earth and Wind, but is at a disadvantage against Light.
    Light - Has advantage over Darkness, but is at a disadvantage against Water, Fire, Earth and Wind.
  • Soul Link
    Soul links are mostly found in epic and legendary equipments. You can easily check whether your equipment has a soul link by looking at its information window. To activate the soul link, you will need to satisfy its requirement.

    Let us look at the epic double barrel gun which was mentioned earlier. To activate the soul link, we will need to equip not only the epic double barrel gun itself, but also an electromagnetic gauntlet with the wind attribute. Once the soul link is activated, your character will gain a 5% bonus in critical hit.

    It is also said that if you've activated enough soul links, your weapon will glow in the colour of your character's elemental disposition.
  • Bind Attribute
    The bind attribute is just another way for an equipment to give players a boost in combat. If you look at the epic double barrel gun again, you will see that it has a bind attribute that gives a 6% physical attack bonus when activated. To activate this bind attribute, all you need to do is bind the weapon to your character. This can be done by clicking on the "lock" icon in your bag and then selecting the weapon.
  • Signature
    Take a look at the good double barrel guns. Do you see the words "BuLaDiFuForge"? That is the signature. By itself, the signature serves no purpose other than as a decoration. But if you gather a full set of equipment with the same signature, you will be able to activate the "Signature Bonus".
    CriteriaSignature Bonus
    Full blue equipment set
    with 'excellent' prefixes
    +10% HP, +2% PA, +2% MA
    Full purple equipment set
    with mixed prefixes
    +10% HP, +5% PA, +5% MA
    Full purple equipment set
    with 'excellent' prefixes
    +16% HP, +8% PA, +8% MA
    Full orange equipment set
    with mixed prefixes
    +30% HP, +15% PA, +15% MA
    Full orange equipment set
    with 'excellent' prefixes
    +40% HP, +20% PA, +20% MA
    There are two ways for an equipment to have a signature on it. The first being that the equipment is forged by a player or yourself. The other way is to use a "Grade Four" raw material to engrave a signature on it. However, you can only engrave your own signature and not another person's using this method. If there is already a signature on the equipment, it will simply be overwritten with your own.
  • Gem Slots
    Every piece of equipment in the game can hold up to a maximum of ten gem slots. These gem slots are simply holes on the equipment in which you can embed gemstones. Take a look at the two double barrel guns with 'excellent' prefixes. Right above its selling value, can you see a number of hollow circles? That is the number of gem slots which the equipment currently has. Each of the gem slots can be embedded with one gemstone.

    Gem slots are either naturally obtained during the forging of an equipment or they are artificially created using diamond drill bits. There are altogether five grades of diamond drill bits, "Grade One" to "Grade Five". Depending on which gem slot your trying to open on your equipment, the grade of the diamond drill bit that you will need to use will be different.
    Gem SlotDiamond Drill Bit Required
    First , SecondGrade One
    Third , FourthGrade Two
    Fifth , SixthGrade Three
    Seventh , EighthGrade Four
    Ninth , TenthGrade Five
    Fortunately, the higher grade drill bits aren't particularly hard to get. You can obtain them by synthesizing lower grade drill bits (just like the synthesizing of raw materials).
  • Enhancement (Stars)
    Magic Campus - 1star Excellent Double Barrel Gun
    Equipments in Magic Campus can be enhanced using rising star gems. Whenever the equipment is successfully enhanced, it will gain one star (★) and the equipment's stats will increase. A piece of equipment can theoretically be enhanced up to a maximum of ten times, but the process of getting there carries a lot of risk and is very money-consuming.
    Enhancement FromRisk on Failure
    Zero ★ -> One ★No risk
    One ★ -> Two ★No risk
    Two ★ -> Three ★Drops to One ★
    Three ★ -> Four ★Drops to Two ★
    Four ★ -> Five ★Drops to Three ★
    Five ★ -> Six ★Drops to Four ★
    Six ★ -> Seven ★Drops to Four ★
    Seven ★ -> Eight ★Drops to Five ★
    Eight ★ -> Nine ★Drops to Zero ★
    Nine ★ -> Ten ★Drops to Zero ★
    The chance of successfully enhancing an equipment will depend upon two factors, the number of rising star gems you use and the number of stars the equipment currently has. With the usage of more rising star gems, you can increase the enhancement's success rate. However, you can only use up to a maximum of 5 rising star gems in any one attempt. On the other hand, the enhancement's success rate also drops as the equipment becomes progressively enhanced.

    When a player gathers a full set of equipment that is enhanced more than 8 times, the "Stellar Effect" will be activated and bestows upon the player the following bonus.
    CriteriaStellar Effect Bonus
    Full eight ★ equipment set+10% HP, +5% PA, +5% MA
    Full nine ★ equipment set+20% HP, +10% PA, +10% MA
    Full ten ★ equipment set+30% HP, +15% PA, +15% MA

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