Friday, February 24, 2012

Call of Thrones: Points of Interest by City (Level 6 to Level 10)

Waymarsh (Level 8)
LocationNameAdditional Info
West OutskirtsTomb InscriptionsProverb Stone No. 4
Crystal MineCommon Crystal Mine
Flower Pebble
Gemstone Shard
Old MineCommon Copper Mine
Crushed Ore
Copper Ore
Bronze Ore
Suburban WaypointRockshore Village
Rockshore Guard (Lv 9) Common
Rockshore Leader (Lv 10) Few
Military EnvoyMilitary Envoy
Border TabletDaily Output
3000 Tigers Rod
2500 Magic Mushroom
2500 Ginseng
West CityEstoudArmour Merchant
Armour ForgeArmour Production
IapiCity Guard
Bulletin BoardCity Bulletin Board
IrandarCity Guard Captain
AubreyTavern Owner
Inner CityYocylChief Magistrate
Proclamation BoardProclamation Board
StewardGuild Manager
BrudianSupport Skills Trainer
EtauWeapon Skills Trainer
LeelockTrade Skills Instructor
SimonWandering Alchemist
IozyWarehouse Management
Beast MasterPet/Mount Training
Fruit GeneralEvents Ambassador
Lady WuFestival Ambassador
Shop DistrictBulletin BoardCapital City Bulletin Board
Legendary Gear TraderGet your purple gear here
Get One Per DayReferral Officer
Epic Armour TraderEpic Vorpal Set
Fashion Upgrade TraderUpgrade your costume
Jewelry Upgrade TraderEpic Vorpal Jewelry
Wishing WellUse Goddess Tears for chance to receive valuable items
Token TraderPet/Mount Upgrade
Token TraderRelic Upgrade
Token TraderArtifact Shard
Pets Mounts and DiamondsTopup Voucher Trader
East CitySoldianaGemstone Merchant
Gemstone Crafting TableGem Accessory Crafting
YalessoMedicine Merchant
Alchemy FurnaceMedicine Production
Weapon ForgeWeapon Production
EadearWeapons Merchant
Dry WellLongevity Well
Flower Pebble Few
Crushed Ore Few
Jade Bracelet (Quest Item) Few
* Each time you search the well, 5 SP is consumed.
FelixInscription Merchant
East OutskirtsTree StumpCommon Tree Stump
Common Timber
Fine Timber
Low-grade Timber
ShrubsCommon Herb Shrub
Castor Bean
Mountain EntranceWild Wolf Cave
Vicious Wild Wolf (Lv 10) Normal
Wolf Master (Lv 10) Few
MineCommon Iron Mine
Crushed Ore
Iron Ore
Pure Iron Ore