Thursday, February 16, 2012

Call of Thrones (Part Three)


Call of Thrones - Weapon Rank UpgradeCall of Thrones - Pet Rank UpgradeCall of Thrones - Relic Rank Upgrade
Most of the in-game stuff is designed to be upgradable, from weapons & armors to pets, mounts & relics to even the gems that you socket. However, to upgrade these items takes a massive amount of time, money and effort.

Take for instance weapons. To upgrade my orange level 10 weapon to rank 2 requires 2 copper bars and 2400 coins (chance of success is unknown). To make 1 copper bar (only 80% chance of success), I will need 10 copper ingots. To get 1 copper ingot, I will need 10 copper ores (luckily the chance of success here is 100%). Finally, to get these copper ores, I will need to stand at a copper mine for a few hours to get the necessary amount. This is because mining at the copper mine will mostly get you crushed ores unless you raise the copper mining skill (found under the trade skill tree).

And note that this is only for rank 1 to rank 2. I believe the item requirements will only become more demanding as you rank it higher. However, there is an alternative where you can buy the copper ores from the weapons NPC or from other players via auctions at a pretty steep price.

To upgrade your pet, mount or relic, you will need to kill a certain amount of monsters (above a certain level) first. Then you will need to gather a certain amount of pet training guides or identification scrolls. These guides and scrolls are in turn obtained either as rewards from certain quests or exchanged from the pet/mount & relic upgrade NPCs using tokens that you get from finishing instances. Sounds like we're in for a bunch of hard work just to upgrade them.

Call of Thrones - Gemstone Crafting TableCall of Thrones - Creating Gems LowCall of Thrones - Creating Gems Mid
There are 5 kinds of coloured gems that you can make at the gemstone crafting table, green, red, blue, yellow and rainbow. Additionally, each kind of coloured gem have their own variety that boosts different stats. Depending on how you want to build your character, players can choose to make gems that boosts the stats they want. Furthermore, there are various levels of quality for any particular gem that is chosen (ranging from low to cosmic). The higher the quality of the gem, the better the stats that it boosts.

To craft a gem of a higher quality, you will need a certain amount of gems of a lower quality and of the same variety (boosts the same stats). Therefore, to obtain for example a gem of "super" quality, you will have to start crafting from gemstone shards (obtained from crystal mines), make them into "low" quality gems, then into "mid" quality gems and finally into a "super" quality one. To make things more difficult, the chances of successfully crafting gems decreases as the quality of the gems you craft increases. For crafting high-end gems, like "mega", "ultra" and "cosmic", sublimation stones may also be required.

Call of Thrones - Unlocking Gemstone Sockets 1Call of Thrones - Unlocking Gemstone Sockets 2
Likewise, there are also 5 kinds of coloured sockets that you can make on your equipment, green, red, blue, yellow and rainbow. However, the colour of the socket that is made on the equipment is not decided by us, the players. It is determined randomly by the game.

Every time the player attempts to socket an equipment, a certain amount of coins will be deducted and the game will unlock a random number of sockets for the equipment (0 socket to 4 sockets). For sockets that are unlocked, they will each be allocated with a random colour.
Call of Thrones - Embedding Gemstones
All coloured sockets, except rainbow, can only be embedded with gems of the same colour. A rainbow socket, however, can be embedded with all the 5 kinds of coloured gems.

If you don't like the number or colour of the sockets you get, you can always re-roll. You will have to pay the fees again and run the risk of losing the sockets that were unlocked or have the colour of the sockets that you want changed. To circumvent this risk, you can opt to "lock" the sockets by paying gold (100 gold = 1 USD).

Call of Thrones - Upgrading Titles SergeantCall of Thrones - Upgrading Titles Legendary
In Call of Thrones, apart from having good equipment, I believe that to dish out massive damage and improve your character's PVP ability, one needs to rank up to a decent title as well. This is because every rank up in title improves your character's stats like damage, defense, speed, HP & EP limits and HP & EP recovery.

To rank up your title, you will need two things, merits and referrals. Merits can be obtained from completing certain quests like those given by the NPCs right outside of instances. Alternatively, you can exchange artifact shards for merits at the Chief Magistrate.
Call of Thrones - Purchasing Referrals
As for referrals, you can either purchase them using coins at the Referral Officers in Shop Districts or you can buy them using gold at the cash shop. Do note that the referral officers only allows you to buy one referral scroll per day, so it would take you quite a while to obtain enough scrolls to rank up your title. And be sure to check that you've bought the right ones because there are quite a few types of these referral scrolls, each used for ranking up to different titles. Always check at the Chief Magistrate first before buying so as to prevent yourself from getting the wrong ones.

Call of Thrones - Zodiac System
This is a recently implemented system that primarily increases a character's damage and defense attributes. In this system, there are 5 different zodiacs which the character can train. For explanation purposes, I'll use the following as an example.
  • Aries
    Enhances damage, defense and health.
  • Capricorn
    Enhances damage, defense and accuracy.
  • Sirius
    Enhances damage, defense and dodge.
  • Pisces
    Enhances damage, defense and block.
  • Aquarius
    Enhances damage, defense and critical.
The names of the zodiac might differ depending on your nation, but the attributes increased and principles remain the same.

To train a zodiac, you will first need to acquire zodiac points. These zodiac points accumulate only when your online and also depends on the activity your character is doing.
Call of Thrones - Training 1Call of Thrones - Training 2
Firstly, regardless of what your character is doing, 1 zodiac point will be awarded for every 36 seconds of online time. Lastly, additional zodiac points will be awarded depending on the activity your doing during your online time as follows.
  • Training
    1 zodiac point will be awarded every 18 seconds.
  • Auto-quest (VIP or Gold)
    1 zodiac point will be awarded every 54 seconds.
  • Auto-quest (Voucher)
    1 zodiac point will be awarded every 72 seconds.
If you don't like all these, you can always choose to purchase zodiac pills using gold. Each of these pills will give you 600 zodiac points.
Call of Thrones - Activating ZodiacCall of Thrones - Upgrading Zodiac 1Call of Thrones - Upgrading Zodiac 2
Initially, only one of the zodiac is activated and trainable. The other four zodiacs will need to be activated by the players using zodiac points. Each attempt to activate a zodiac will require 600 zodiac points. The chance of success is very low at first, but every failed attempt will increase the chance of success in the next attempt (performed on the same zodiac).

To train zodiacs which are activated will cost you 50 zodiac points per attempt. Similarly, the chance of success is very low but will increase with every failed attempt.

For each zodiac, there are altogether 9 tiers and each tier has 81 levels. You will need to start from tier 1 level 0, slowly upgrade it to tier 1 level 81 before you can rank it up to tier 2. This will go on until you've reach its maximum at tier 9 level 81.

To make this task even more arduous, there is a daily limit on the usage of zodiac points. You can only spend 600 zodiac points a day, regardless of how many zodiac points you may have. The only way to overcome this limit is by resetting it using gold.

So you've practically got hell waiting for you if your going to rank all the 5 zodiacs. On the other hand, if you DO manage to max all 5 zodiacs, I reckon you will literally be GOD in the game. Good luck, all you god-wannabes.

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