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Infinite Realms (Part Two)

Mothership Structures

Infinite Realms - MothershipInfinite Realms - Living QuartersInfinite Realms - Laboratory
After unlocking the stargate, you will gain access to your mothership. In this view, there are six structures that you will deal with. However, not all of them are immediately available. Some of them will only be unlocked once your command center has reached a certain level.
  • Living Quarters
    The living quarters is where your trained personnel live. This facility contains structures that you can build and upgrade to increase your population limit.
  • Cargo Bay
    The cargo bay is where the resources (rations, verdium & lucium) you produce or collect at your outposts are stored. There is a limit as to how much of each resource is stored. When the limit of a particular resource is reached, production of that particular resource will cease. You can increase their storage limits by upgrading the respective structures within the cargo bay.
  • Consulate
    The consulate is where a player can create or join an alliance. There is a limit to the number of players that can be in a particular alliance. To increase this limit, you will need to either upgrade the consulate or use diplomatic ties (cash shop item).
  • Laboratory
    The laboratory is where your technologies are researched. Researching these technologies will grant bonuses to various aspects of your gameplay. Upgrading the laboratory is required to unlock the higher tiered technologies and also increase the number of research queue slots.
  • Bridge
    The bridge is where you go to when you wish to warp to other star systems within Infinite Realms. Simply click on the "Engage Warp" button and wait for 10 seconds to warp. All of your outposts will retract into the docking bay and the mothership will then warp to the designated star system. After completing the warp, you can launch your outpost ship(s) to a planet of your choice.
  • Docking Bay
    The docking bay is where your outpost ship(s) are stored when you warp. Upgrading the docking bay will give you an additional outpost ship which you can use to set up new outposts on other planets (up to a limit of 5).

Heroes & Equipment
Infinite Realms - Recruiting Heroes
As you ought to know by now, heroes are recruited from the lounge. However, what you might not know is that, there are weak heroes as well as strong heroes. Recruit a weak hero and you will find that your not winning battles as often as you would like to.

Luckily for us, identifying the weaker heroes from the stronger ones is just a simple matter of looking at the colour of their names. The weakest and most common heroes will have their names in gray. Stronger heroes will have their names shown in green while the strongest and rarest ones will have their names in blue.

But do note that every hero has their own set of attributes that determine their performance in battles. When up against heroes of similar caliber, the differences in these attributes might prove to be pivotal in whether the battle's lost or won.
  • Attack (ATT)
    Attack determines the amount of damage that a hero’s units will deal. Heroes with high attack have their units deal more damage and are good for assaults and raids.
  • Agility (AGI)
    Agility determines how fast a hero’s units will act and how far they will move in battles. It also increases movement speed on the surface map. Heroes with high agility gets to move first and move further in battles. They can also get to their destinations faster.
  • Defense (DEF)
    Defense determines the amount of armor that a hero’s units will have. Heroes with high defense are good for defending strategic locations as they are apt in keeping more of their units alive.
  • Charisma (CHA)
    Charisma determines the number of units a hero can lead. Heroes with high charisma can be assigned with much larger armies than others. (This is the only attribute that increases as your hero levels up)
  • Flair
    Flair determines how much your hero's charisma increases for every level up he or she gains. Flair is apparently fixed to the hero's colour (5 for gray, 8 for green, 13 for blue).
Infinite Realms - Hero DetailsInfinite Realms - Hero Equipment
When your hero levels up, he or she will also gain 1 bonus skill point. This skill point can be used to increase the hero's attack, agility or defense, but not charisma. Do spend these bonus skill points wisely as they will be the only way to tweak your hero's attributes (other than using equipment).

A hero can also carry equipment to enhance his or her attributes. There are seven categories of equipment, head gear, shoulder gear, chest gear, weapon, arm gear, leg gear and accessory. Apart from accessory being unisex, all other categories have gender specific equipment.

Every equipment piece belongs to a set, but from what I've seen, there is no incentive or bonus for assembling an equipment set other than visual appeal. Therefore, I feel that it might be more sensible to just allocate the pieces according to which attribute the hero needs more of.

Equipment pieces can be found from winning battles or purchased from the store (cash shop).

Infinite Realms - Surface Map
The surface map is where your skirmishes with others occur. The green coloured building at the center of the picture above is your own outpost. The red ones are outposts owned by other players. The smaller structures which doesn't look like outposts are resource fields while those orange coloured icons represent enemy camps.
Infinite Realms - Assigning Troops to HeroInfinite Realms - Scanning EnemyInfinite Realms - Enemy Info
Before initiating a fight, it is always prudent to check whether you have assigned or replenished troops to your hero. Next, you might also consider scanning your opponent to see what he or she has. Who knows, you might just save yourself from a humiliating defeat.
Infinite Realms - Automatic Battle OptionInfinite Realms - Manual Battle
When attacking, we have the option to let the battle proceed automatically or choose to manually control the units in the battle ourselves. Most players would prefer taking control of the battles because with human intervention, we can help to reduce combat losses.
Infinite Realms - Movement CommandsInfinite Realms - Primary Target
The combat mechanics in Infinite Realms is pretty straightforward. At the start of each round, you have the option to command your units to move forward, backwards or stay on the spot (by clicking on the respective button). After doing so, a window will pop up asking for a primary target for the unit. All you have to do is click on the name of the target you wish for the unit to attack. Your unit will attack the target once it gets within firing range. After you are done issuing your commands, click on the "Ready" button to end your turn.

Infinite Realms - SurveyingInfinite Realms - Upgrading RanksInfinite Realms - Research Upgrades
When you've defeated an enemy camp or secured a resource field, you have an option of surveying them. Surveying allows the hero to extract extra resources as well as finding rare valuable items. Most of these valuables are used for researching technologies and increasing your rank. Some, however, are used in alliance upgrades and the purchasing of special units from fortifications.
Infinite Realms - Collecting Survey Results
A hero needs to survey for at least 1 hour before anything can be collected. Furthermore, the longer the time spent on surveying, the better the results will be. However, results only count for the first 12 hours of surveying and thus there is no benefit in surveying for any longer than that.

The bonus from extraction precision technology also applies to the first 12 surveying hours only. If your hero surveys for more than 12 hours and you have a 50% extraction precision bonus, you will still only get 6 extra hours added to the results (for a total of an effective survey time of 18 hours).
Infinite Realms - Enemy Camp TypeInfinite Realms - Survey Rewards
There are 11 kinds of valuables you can obtain from surveying. Depending on the enemy camp or resource field your surveying, the valuables you obtain will be different.
  • Pureblood DNA
    When it comes to genetic research and enhancements, nothing even comes close to the diversity and results of pure human DNA. Samples from other pure or mixed races, or genetically altered human DNA, simply do not have optimal results. This valuable tends to be collected from Human enemy camps.
  • Hydrothermal Pearl
    These orb-shaped gems are formed exclusively in the deepest depths of ocean-covered planets, where incredible heat and water pressures are able to create them. Of course, what would be a very expensive trek for most comes naturally to the aquatic Psodrinar. This valuable tends to be collected from Psodrinar enemy camps.
  • Dark Matter
    Dark matter is a powerful source of energy. However, due to its scarcity, it is usually reserved for producing devastating weaponry. This valuable tends to be collected from “Other” enemy camps (non-race defined enemy camps).
  • S’uhrden Silver
    M’uhssarium tetranide, more commonly known as S’uhrden silver, is a highly explosive metallic compound. This metal is quite rare, and although it is comparatively abundant on the S’uhrden homeworld, few would dare risk venturing there to steal any. This valuable tends to be collected from S’uhrden enemy camps.
  • Trapped Aether
    Aether is an elusive substance, even considered by many as non-existent. However, the Xuleth have found a way to capture small amounts within lucium crystals, using a method they guard jealously. This valuable tends to be collected from Xuleth enemy camps.
  • Supernova Particles
    Most would steer clear of the dangers of a supernova, yet collecting particles thereof can be extremely lucrative. The Mhad’ul have clear advantage here, as they can harness supernova particles with relative ease using their psionic abilities. This valuable tends to be collected from Mhad’ul enemy camps.
  • Magnetized Neodymium
    Neodymium is among the most powerful magnetic metals available and is used for a variety of purposes. This valuable tends to be collected from Food Sources.
  • Crystalline Verdium
    In rare instances, verdium can become crystallized. Somewhat of an oddity, it has a wide range of uses in scientific research, though some prefer it as a decorative medium. This valuable tends to be collected from Verdium Fields.
  • Dark Lucium
    Though not considered the purest of lucium, it is the rarest of its kind. This purplish-hued crystal does however have its uses in other fields and is a highly sought-after commodity. This valuable tends to be collected from Lucium Mines.
  • Noxious Miasma
    Contains a mix of particles from different galaxies. Although highly toxic to humanoids, it is crucial for the process of synthesizing hybrid war creatures. This valuable tends to be collected from any enemy camps or resource fields.
  • Crimson Protostar
    A fist-sized star, still in its infancy, contained within the sphere of a hollowed out hydrothermal pearl. Used to create the necessary spark of life in synthesized hybrids. This valuable tends to be collected from any enemy camps or resource fields.

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