Monday, November 28, 2011

Galaxy Online II: Battleship Analysis

Just the sound of it should strike fear into the hearts of many. Battleships have the most amount of space for modules and He3 storage. And with the widest variety of hull types out of the three classes, Battleships can be the most versatile ship type in Galaxy Online II.

These monstrous beings can take the most punishment and are often used as tanks in the battlefields of space. They are, however, painfully long and expensive to make.

Battleships are ideal against Cruisers and yet can hold against Frigates despite being disadvantaged.
ShipHullAgainst (Damage Type)
Alliance Admiral
Presidio of Glory
RV766 The Explorer
Aggressive Warlord
✓ - Good✔ - Very Good✗ - Bad✘ - Very Bad
Depending on whether you like your Battleships going up close and personal in a fight or whether guerrilla warfare is more of your style, you can be sure there will be a ship design fit for it.

If you prefer close range battles, you might opt to use Chrome or Regen hulls and arm them with Ballistics and Directional weapons. If you prefer long range, you can choose Nano or Neutralizing hulls and equip them with Missiles or Ship-based weapons.

Perhaps you would like to give your opponents a hard time? Just mix and match your hull types and slap on some shields. You can be sure that the opponent's weapons won't be effective against all of your ships.