Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mission Against Terror: Doomsday is coming!

Doomsday is arriving on Mission Against Terror (MAT).
A terrifying battle awaits the players...

The focus of this newly introduced scenario is still on the mission against terror, however, this time round it will not be against fellow humans. Players will have to survive waves upon waves of undead coming from every direction. These undeads are coming for blood with everything that they have got.

According to Intel, there are several types of undead. Each type of undead possesses different skills and hit points (hp).
Avengers will appear in the first 4 waves. They do not attack, but have hp and agility that increases as the waves progresses.Hellhounds will appear at the end of the first 4 waves. Their attacks are said to be deadly. In addition, when they are about to die, they will self-destruct and cause serious damage to the immediate vicinity.The Tyrant is found in the final wave. Its attack power and hp are both very high. Exercise extreme caution when engaging this target. When its hp drops to a certain point, it will start to release toxic gas. When its hp is further lowered, it will start to flee.
When fighting the undead, players are able to set the difficulty of the game to suit their playing skills. There are 4 different difficulty levels:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Havoc
  • Nightmare
The higher the difficulty level, the higher the attack power, attack range, hp and agility of the undead. Once the mission is accomplished, rewards will be awarded to each player according to the difficulty level.

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