Thursday, September 8, 2011

Galaxy Online II: Commander's Stats Calculation

Ever wondered how much your commander's stats will be at a certain star rank and level? Here's a step by step guide to teach you how to do so.

First of all, refer to the following articles to get yourself acquainted with growing values, growth rates and the initial stats of commanders.
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Next, let us use a 5* skill commander, Reggie, as an example.
A 5* skill commander has growing values of 9 (min) - 10 (max). This means that when this commander gains 1 level, he will get either 9 or 10 points to allocate into the 4 stats, accuracy, dodge, speed and electron.

From Galaxy Online II: Skill Commanders, we can see that a 1* Reggie has initial stats of 5 (Accuracy), 3 (Dodge), 8 (Speed) and 4 (Electron).

For every increase in star rank, the commander gets a +1 to all 4 initial stats. Therefore, a 5* Reggie will have initial stats of 5+4 (Accuracy), 3+4 (Dodge), 8+4 (Speed) and 4+4 (Electron).

If this commander is at Level 18 now, this means that he had gained 17 levels already or a total of 153 (9*17) - 170 (10*17) points to allocate into his 4 stats. These points will get allocated according to the growth rates of the commander.

So if the commander's growth rates are 4.2 (Accuracy), 0.8 (Dodge), 0.8 (Speed) and 4.2 (Electron), this means that the allocation of points will be as such:
Min or Max Points * (Growth Rate / 10)

64.26 - 71.412.24 - 13.612.24 - 13.664.26 - 71.4

And if we add this to the commander's initial stats, we get the range for each of the 4 stats of this commander (5* Reggie at Level 18) as below:

73 - 8019 - 2124 - 2672 - 79
* The values are to be rounded off to get the actual range.

Special Thanks to:
Earthlion, Rarelyhere, Metallica, Darkrider