Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dead Island: Sam B

Sam B
Sam B is a one-hit-wonder rap star of fading fame. Originally from New Orleans, he is now performing four nights a week at the Royal Palms Resort.

"Sam B was booked by the Royal Palms Resort to perform his well known song "Who Do You Voodoo?" at a high profile hotel party. He gladly took the chance to play this gig.

Once strong, self-confident and proud, Sam B has had a troubled past and a history of drug and alcohol abuse, as his private life became caught in a haze of fake friends and bad advisors."

"I grew up in New Orleans. The Lower Ninth Ward. My Daddy went to prison when I was two.That's where he died. Angola. Momma didn't ever recover from that and drank and did crack and any other random motherfucker who didn't smack her round too bad. My nanna's the one who raised me. She ran a washeteria and we lived in a little shotgun house on Burgundy. From the time I was ten, man, I wanted to rap. I was into old school free-style rap and I'd be kicking ass at them battles, brah. But man, I just couldn't catch a break. Nothing caught on.' So one Halloween, I came up with "Who Do You Voodoo, Bitch?". Just as a motherfucking joke, you know? It went right to the top of the hip hop charts. Like a motherfucking rocket! Suddenly, I was famous. Going to the Grammies. Hitting the parties. Man, I had bitches up the yin yang and for the first time in my life, I was making money. But shit, I was spending it as quick as I was getting it. I thought I had made it, you know what I'm saying? That the gravy train was never gonna end. So I did another song. And another song. And nothing hit. Nothing fucking hit. Song after song and nobody gave a shit. It's been ten years man, and yeah, I can still get gigs, but all they want me to do is "Who Do You Voodoo, Bitch?". I used to play the big Casinos in Vegas or Atlantic City, but now it's just been Reno or Laughlin or some motherfucking cruise ship. So this gig here might be my last chance. There's some heavy Hollywood hitters here and if I get noticed, I could be right back on top. You know what I'm saying?"


  • Speciality: Blunt Weapons
  • Health: 110
  • Speed: 100
  • Stamina: 90
  • Rage Mode: When Sam's rage mode is activated he gains the ability to brutally punch zombies with his fists.

Skill Tree

Haymaker - Unleash your Fury to smite enemies with devastating blows, knocking them down with single hits.

Grim Inspiration - Killing enemies with blunt weapons generates additional rage.
Level 1: Rage gained +6%
Level 2: Rage gained +12%
Level 3: Rage gained +18%

Feel No Pain - Fury makes you more resistant to damage.
Level 1: Damage received -10% (On Fury)
Level 2: Damage received -20% (On Fury)
Level 3: Damage received -30% (On Fury)

Sticks and Stones - Receiving damage can gain rage.
Level 1: Rage gain chance +5%
Level 2: Rage gain chance +10%
Level 3: Rage gain chance +15%

Greater Haymaker - Fury lasts longer and each punch sends enemies into the air.

Smash Hit - Smashing the opponents' heads with blunt weapons generates additional rage.
Level 1: Rage gained +20%
Level 2: Rage gained +40%
Level 3: Rage gained +60%

Pain Killer - Each kill on Fury regains health.
Level 1: Health gained 3%
Level 2: Health gained 6%
Level 3: Health gained 9%

Volatile - Decreases the amount of rage required to activate Fury.
Level 1: Rage required -5%
Level 2: Rage required -10%
Level 3: Rage required -15%

Incredible Haymaker - Fury lasts even longer and you can literally make your enemies fly away.

The ground trembles with the force of your strikes
Blunt damage +5%
Blunt stamina cost -10%
Blunt critical hit chance +3%
Stomper can be used without stopping
You can use a special attack to instantly knock out your enemy

Aimed Shots - Increases firearms damage.
Level 1: Firearms damage +5%
Level 2: Firearms damage +10%
Level 3: Firearms damage +15%

Telling Blows - Increases critical hit chance with blunt weapons.
Level 1: Critical hit chance +1%
Level 2: Critical hit chance +2%
Level 3: Critical hit chance +3%

Critical Impact - Increases chance to score a critical hit with modified blunt weapons.
Level 1: Critical hit chance +3%
Level 2: Critical hit chance +6%
Level 3: Critical hit chance +9%

Hammer Blows - Chance to cause instant KO with blunt weapons.
Level 1: Instant KO chance 10%
Level 2: Instant KO chance 20%
Level 3: Instant KO chance 30%

Big Stick - Increases damage with two-handed weapons.
Level 1: Two-handed weapons damage +2%
Level 2: Two-handed weapons damage +4%
Level 3: Two-handed weapons damage +6%

Powerful Impact - Increases damage with modified blunt weapons.
Level 1: Modified weapons damage +2%
Level 2: Modified weapons damage +4%
Level 3: Modified weapons damage +6%

Blunt Expert
Blunt weapons are your preferred instruments of destruction
Blunt weapon damage +5%
Blunt weapon stamina cost -10%
Blunt weapon critical hit chance +2%
Head damage inflicted with blunt weapons +10%
You can now use a powerful stomp to finish knocked enemies

Tackle - Ability to tackle your enemies.
Level 1: Push the enemies away, making some space
Level 2: Knock enemies to the ground
Level 3: You can ram through locked doors (Tackle stamina cost -50%)

Exploit Weakness - Increases chance to score a critical hit when enemy's stamina is below 50%.
Level 1: Critical hit chance +2%
Level 2: Critical hit chance +4%
Level 3: Critical hit chance +6%

Lights Out - Increases enemies' KO time.
Level 1: Enemies KO time 2s
Level 2: Enemies KO time 4s
Level 3: Enemies KO time 6s

Devastation - Increases force and damage with all blunt weapons.
Level 1: Damage +3%, Force +10%
Level 2: Damage +6%, Force +20%
Level 3: Damage +9%, Force +30%

Effortless - Reduces blunt weapons stamina cost.
Level 1: Blunt weapons stamina cost -10%
Level 2: Blunt weapons stamina cost -20%
Level 3: Blunt weapons stamina cost -30%

Maintenance - Increases blunt weapons durability.
Level 1: Blunt weapons durability +10%
Level 2: Blunt weapons durability +20%
Level 3: Blunt weapons durability +30%

Heavy Hitter
Blunt weapons are now more efficient and effective
Blunt weapon damage +5%
Blunt weapon stamina cost -10%
Blunt weapon critical hit chance +1%
Head damage inflicted with blunt weapons +5%

Regenerates 10% of health per minute

Motivation - Chance to turn incoming damage into a stamina boost.
Level 1: Stamina gain chance 10%
Level 2: Stamina gain chance 20%
Level 3: Stamina gain chance 30%

Decoy - You're more likely to attract the enemies' attention.
Level 1: Threat factor +10%
Level 2: Threat factor +20%
Level 3: Threat factor +30%

Money Magnet - Increases amount of looted money.
Level 1: Money looted +10%
Level 2: Money looted +20%
Level 3: Money looted +30%

Hardened - Reduces melee damage received.
Level 1: Melee damage received -5%
Level 2: Melee damage received -10%
Level 3: Melee damage received -15%

Picklock - Allows opening of locks.
Level 1: Level 1 locks can be opened.
Level 2: Level 2 locks can be opened.
Level 3: Level 3 locks can be opened.

Deeper Pockets - Increases the number of inventory slots.
Level 1: Extra slots 2
Level 2: Extra slots 4
Level 3: Extra slots 6

Regenerates 15% of health per minute

Bulletproof - Reduces bullet damage received.
Level 1: Bullet damage received -6%
Level 2: Bullet damage received -12%
Level 3: Bullet damage received -18%

Bone Breaker - Increases XP for breaking enemies' bones.
Level 1: XP x2
Level 2: XP x3
Level 3: XP x4

Backfire - Enemies receive damage for knocking you down.
Level 1: Backfire damage x1
Level 2: Backfire damage x2
Level 3: Backfire damage x3

Custom Maintenance - Increases durability of modified weapons.
Level 1: Weapon durability +10%
Level 2: Weapon durability +20%
Level 3: Weapon durability +30%

Fence - Increases prices of items you sell.
Level 1: Item sell price +10%
Level 2: Item sell price +20%
Level 3: Item sell price +30%

Last Stand - Decreases damage received when health is below critical level.
Level 1: Received damage -20%
Level 2: Received damage -40%
Level 3: Received damage -60%

You can rebuild destroyed organs and recover from ghastly wounds. You regenerate 20% of health per minute.